Tuesday, 19 October 2010


In my last post I made mention of the 52nd meeting of the United Nations General Assembly. During that meeting the Prime Minister of St Lucia criticized  the ruling of the World Trade Organization Dispute Panel, in the case brought by the American Government against the European Union, for offering African, Pacific and Caribbean producers guaranteed prices for their banana in contravention of WTO rules .

These allegations moved me to make further enquirers.What was reveled was rather interesting. I stumbled across a small book, titled; "The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade". In this book, David Ransom suggests that not long before the "wars" broke the then President of the US had revived large cash donations by a banana corporation operating in the US. A revelation I found rather interesting. It immediately caused me to reflect on the words spoken by the St Lucian PM,  "Far from providing reassurance of the final demise of the law of the jungle in world trade, the ruling leaves the lingering suspicion that might will still always be right"

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