Friday, 15 October 2010

Fair trade

The issues of trade and fair trade has sparked debate among academics and government officials all around the world. Indeed the prime minister of St. Lucia  has accused the United States of causing the death of the Caribbean banana trade during his contribution the 52nd General Assembly of the united nations, Similarly the Antigua and Barbuda government is currently engaged in legal battles with the United States government before the World Trade Organization Dispute Pannel. Again the United States is accused of engaging in unfair and illegal trade practices in spite being one of the main campaigners of fair and free trade.

The issue of fair trade enjoys an almost clean bill of health in Britain where supermarket giants such as Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury boast of being friends of fair trade. Without any surprise some farmers claim that fair trade ambitions in Britain survives at the cost of their livelihood.
It is evident therefore that no matter which side of the fence one sits fair trade and
more importantly international trade will continue to be a sensitive issue.

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