Thursday, 21 October 2010


This post does not in any way represent my personal feelings on the issue but only a reaction to an earlier conversation.

Religion has always been a contentious issue. The Bible records several incidents of conflict arising from peoples choice in what they wish to believe. Even today the fight continues, Christians war against Muslims while practices that have long been condemned are now recognized. Perhaps what is most interesting is how many of us accept a religious practice without looking into its history. In the Caribbean for example, people attend churches where at one time their fore parents were human vehicles that transported their masters and had to wait far away from the building while their masters prayed to God.

Millions of people all around the world sing "Amazing Grace" without any knowledge of its history. A song that  was conceived on a slave ship. Muslims sometimes kill their brothers and sisters in the name of religion.Others rather an animals survive than feeding starving people with its meat. In all these practices followers are though not to question but accept by faith.

Faith, however, simply means believe without proof.

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  1. I like your point.
    Your point is pretty sensitive, so my comment is not based on my personal feeling.

    I guess it is something called "majority thing".
    I have seen one of experiment, they let 5 people wait in the elevator. When the guinea pig get on the elevator, these 5 people will turn their back to elevator's door. Most of the time, the guinea pig will do the same. Normally, when people stay in the elevator, they will look at the door.
    People tend to do what majority people do. Only once in a while, someone going to do something different. However, in the end, they gonna need back up. They only end up with new type of majority. But not everyone in any majority's group know what they are doing. Just like your "Amazing Grace" example.

    I hope you understand, what I meant.

  2. Speaking of conflicts...
    NPR radio aired a story about American Jews moving to Israel or any person who converts to Judaism being denied Israeli citizenship.
    To quote Jerry Silverman, the president of the Jewish Federation of North America..."This issue is about conversion from a specific point. But it is a broader point, in that the Jewish state in 1948 - and if you look at the original words of the constitution that was written - is that it's a Jewish state for all Jews. And this law truly can create a discriminating factor to really create two different levels of Jews in the way we're looked at around the world."
    This is another example of conflicts as a direct relation to Religion.
    Thank you for the starting the conversation.

  3. Here is the link to the NPR story: