Saturday, 6 November 2010

Caribbean devision or integration ?

Not surprisingly the comments made by the Trinidad and Tobago Primes Minister continues to making headline around the Caribbean. The T&T PM said in a press conference following the passage of hurricane Tomas that any assistance given to other Caribbean countries must be of some benefit benefit to Trinidad. This time its reported on the Antigua news portal that the Opposition Leader in Antigua has become her latest critic.

Readers of the article will find comments from regional politicians and even the Opposition Leader in Trinidad. Interestingly, one St Lucian national said she has stopped consuming food produced in Trinidad. Is it necessary to take such a drastic position? maybe its not but whatever reaction is taken the fact remains that what was said by the Trinidad and Tobago PM was surely out of place and threatens the process of Caribbean integration. If readers wish to follow this issue any further the link is posted below.

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